Christofer Group of Companies
Ontime Stores

Company Profile

Christofer Group of Companies’ initial member was founded in 1973 and engaged with the cleaning of business premises (Panagia Clinic, Multi-Purpose Venue Hippocampus, ‘SKG’ Airport, Thessaloniki Railway Station and others).

One year later (1974) the Group is expanding on the catering business. Within 44 years, it has established itself in the field of gastronomy and leisure, numbering already 39 stores in airports, bus stations and landmark-sites of large urban centers.

At the same time, the Group has extended its activities with folk art shops and parking lots with car care services. It is also active in the sector of advertising and in the development of Info Channels for hotels.




Resting and recreation places, mainly located on transport stations (airports & bus stations) They offer coffee amongst other beverages, pastries and light meals.

See: Ontime, Plaisir, Skyline Cafe Bar

Snack Bars

Resting and recreation places, mainly located on transport stations (airports & bus stations) They offer coffee amongst other beverages, pastries and light meals.

See: Ontime, Plasir, Scouts Park

Folk Art

Προσφέρουν μεγάλη ποικιλία επιλεγμένων ελληνικών προϊόντων, πληθώρα ειδών δώρων και ενθυμίων σε εξαιρετικές συσκευασίες που απευθύνονται σε ταξιδιώτες κι όχι μόνο.

See: Ontime

Parking Lots

Spaces within airports that provide parking and auto-care services.

See: Ontime Parking

Information / Advertising

Cosmos Digital Information, a member of Christofer Group of companies, is active in the sectors of information and advertising. Using a network of Infokiosks, installed in highly visited places all over Greece, it provides tourists with direct and reliable information while to companies a modern advertising tool. Furthermore, we provide hotels and other businesses with innovative info channel technologies displaying dynamic information and artistic videos from the most significant tourist attractions of the country.


Our philosophy is to operate with professionalism and respect for the costumer, staying true to the principals and the values that kept us on steady growth all these decades:

Quality: We make sure to always provide products and services of excellent quality, looking for correspondingly qualitative relationship with our customers.

Innovation: We constantly seek new ways to improve our services, follow the developments in the field and invest in innovative technologies.


Our vision, is to consolidate Christofer Group in the public consciousness as a credible Greek force in the tourism sector, socially sensitive, that inspires respect for both partners and competitors. The customer for us, was and always be the focus of all our efforts.

Operation & Organization

The headquarters of Christofer Group are located in an area of 500 sq. m. in Charilaou Thessaloniki, employing 18 executives in the departments of marketing, financial management and business development. Main growth drivers of the Group are the continuous study of the ongoing developments in the catering business as well as the constant compilation of a strategic investment plan.

  • 1973

    Establishment of the first company

  • 1974

    Expansion to the catering business with canteens in two spots: “Merchant Navy Academy of Macedonia” & “Student Dormitories of Thessaloniki”.

  • 1975

    4 canteens and 4 gift shops in the airport of Thessaloniki. Use of indoor and outdoor advertising spaces of Thessaloniki airport.

  • 1978

    Duty free shops in the airports of Thessaloniki and Corfu.

  • 1980

    Canteen in the airport of Alexandroupoli

  • 1980-2008

    New stores in 10 airports

  • 2008

    Café Bar in OTE Tower – Snack Bar in Palais des Sports – Goodbye Restaurant in the airport of Thessaloniki

  • 2011

    Establishment of an advertising company (Cosmos Digital Information)

  • 2012

    Christofer Restaurant in Thessaloniki’s new Seafront – Snack Ba Christofer in the Garden of Water (Seafront)

  • 2015

    Snack Bar at the Scouts Par of Alexandroupoli

  • 2016

    Use of the new brand name “Ontime” for all stores within airports – Plaisir Café Pastry within the “Mediterranean Cosmos” shopping mall.

  • 2017

    Ciel Bar Restaurant in Thessaloniki’s new Seafront – New outdoors snack bar in Santorini’s Airport – New beer shops in the airports of Rhodes and Kefalonia.